Feb 2010 (Vol II,Issue II)

Bits & Pieces

Pamela Cooper

It’s February, and the snow is lovely 

I love snow. Ice? No thank you. This issue is packed with something for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each of the submissions for this month. Email your submissions to tripsrus2010@gmail.com

First, great news, one of our own FIELD TRIPS!!! families adopted a little Haitian girl, Charlene, now she is in her mamma’s arms: Click here to read the Meadow’s story:


The Unschoolers/homeschoolers Art Show was a grand success at the Waverly House www.waverlyhouse.com in January during all this snowy weather. Way to go!!! Is this your 1st time visiting Trips ‘R US? Check out our archives at

We must be aware and ready for another impromptu drive to Jefferson City, Missouri to preserve our home education freedom. No need to lose sleep, just be prepared. Both articles (from FHE and from HSLDA) include immediate email responses that we must do now! March 2nd is the FHE Homeschool Rally. Are you interested in a bunch of specialized FIELD TRIPS!!! for March 2nd, I’m willing, just need y’all to provide my gasoline, let me know asap.

This month we’ve added several categories to Trips ‘R US!. The Front Page events are happening immediately. The Community section covers individual cities: Buffalo, Springfield, and Ozark--Christian County library submitted an article for Ozark, thank you! The $ Savers section covers Food (a special reprint by Julie Parrish @ Hot Coupon World) and a community project you might want to do if you’re up for a road trip to Texas! Sports coverage…we really need several reporters in the field, are you a sports family? Send us your article on the games! Several unique opportunities in the Focus! Section featuring cheetahs & Dance by homeschool student Nicole J, an art contest for all students, plus more tidbits. Remember the Home Reporter? Check out Community—Springfield!

Do you remember Stormy Snow? Here’s her blog. She enjoys American History, drop her a comment, it might get her going again. farmgirlheart-farmgirlsoul.blogspot.com

I have not found a location for the FREE Exchange, got a suggestion, email Pamela at Homeedfieldtrips@aol.com. Many families are blessed through this event and it truly is a ministry to help out. I’m looking for a workable building, or even a garage or unfinished basement might work. The location needs to be on ground level, indoors, heated, parking accessible, restroom access and a place for kids to run & jump.

Joyfully Serving You!

Pamela Cooper

Seeking all homeschool student writers, photographers, artists, and marketing gurus:

Submitted by Kara:

 Beginning in February, Ozarks Area Unschoolers will be forming a homeschool student journalism group with the goal of producing a quarterly printed newspaper for public distribution in the Southwest Missouri area.
The format of this group will be a formal class experience, where students will learn about all aspects of print publication including writing, photography, design, and public relations.  I have knowledge and experience with print journalism and will be publisher and mentor to students.  However, additional adult leaders with these skills who are willing to assist are needed.

  In order to participate, families will be asked to pay a $20 per child quarterly fee.  Also, kids must be working academically at a middle-school level (ages 12 and over), be self-disciplined, and willing to put in long hours!   Parents are not required to stay during meetings.  Positions to be filled on the newspaper staff will include writing, editing, photographers, distribution, sales & marketing, designers, artists, copywriters & proofreaders.  We will find something for everybody depending  on your interest and skills.  I would especially like to hear from teens with an interest in writing and journalism to serve as editors.

  Our first meeting will take place on Friday, February 12 from 1:00-5:00 at my house east of Springfield.  Students should RSVP with your name, age, and description of talents/interests to my personal e-mail: DeBackerland@att.net.  All students should bring a newspaper (any), a steno pad, and two pens. Laptop computers are also helpful.

Directions will be provided following your RSVP.

  -Kara DeBacker


Mad Science is doing a Junior Reactor program at Incredible Pizza for $10 that includes lunch and a game card on Thursday, February 25, 2010. This is for K-5th grade.  You may register by phone (417-890-6237) or online at www.madscience.org/swmo . Incredible Pizza has agreed to double your game card purchase if you would like. If you buy $5, they will put $10 on the card.